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Aqsa Play Tent

What is the Aqsa Mosque Play Tent?

Mosques are not only a place of congregational prayers but a place for contemplation and belonging often referred to as Allah's (swt) home. This notion is the idea behind our Aqsa mosque play tent. 

From one of the most historic mosques in the world, it is also one of the only mosques beside Masjid-ul-Haram (Kaaba) mentioned in the Quran and the third holiest site in the world for Muslims, but also significant to Jews and Christians.

It is often mistaken that Al Aqsa is recognised by its yellow dome, however, the actual mosque itself is the silver domed building within the same compound, recognised by Muslims as the noble sanctuary. This being said it is also fair to say the whole compound is still recognised as Al Aqsa which consists of the silver domed mosque, the Dome of the Rock (yellow domed building), the Gates of Temple Mount and the four minarets. 

Beside all its beauty, Al Aqsa remarks one of the greatest event in Islam's history, as Muslims believe that Muhammad (pbuh) ascended to the heavens from Al Aqsa on the night of Shab e Mir'aj observed on the 27th day of Rajab (7th month in the Islamic calendar) to complete a physical and spiritual journey commanded by Allah also known as Isra and Mir’aj.

The name Al Aqsa also means the farthest place which also relates to Muhammad (pbuh) journey to the heavens, which started in Masjid al Haram (Kaaba) to Al Aqsa leaving the realms of this world to the realms of the unseen. This beautiful journey is a significant event for all Muslims, as not only was it the only one of its kind, but it also celebrates the commandments of the Muslim daily prayers (obligatory prayers). Which on this night by the request and negotiation of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was reduced from 50 daily prayers to today's 5 daily prayers. In addition to this remarkable commandment, the last verses of the Quran were also released.

Muslims all over the world celebrate this event by offering extra prayers after evening prayers as thanks to Allah and forgiveness for their shortcomings. It is also celebrated by offering a non obligatory fast also to show gratitude for all of Allah's (swt) blessings.

Our innovative pop-up mosques play tents are designed to invoke that belonging and tranquility often associated with the place of worship, yet with a sense of playfulness for our mini Muslims. Stimulating a fun yet graceful environment for our mini ummah to enjoy their playfulness to the fullest, whilst appreciating existing amazing mosques around the world and the history attached to them. ⠀

Our vibrant Aqsa play tent comes with its own carry case, easy to assemble and portable for any location in your home.


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