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Eid Moon Tree

Eid Moon Tree - Eid & Ramadan Decor


 Our stunning Eid moon trees are enchanting, to say the least, don’t take my word, take the words of our customers; 

“Thank you for making our Ramadan so bright and beautiful!’’ Rabiya.UK,"


We have a story behind all our products that influences our whole design and production process.

Back in the ’90s, my Eid celebrations simply consisted of hopping to one relative and the next, in hope of great food and the prospect of making some eidee (Eid money). These were the main things that excited me about the celebration. I’m not at all discrediting my parents and their attempts but let be honest, they were simple times. There was hardly any expectation of how Ramadan or Eid should be celebrated, other than the basic concepts of Eid salah and the family gatherings.


However, when it came to other celebrations such as Christmas, Easter etc. due to the fact they were promoted at schools, work or on tv, it would overflow into our homes regardless of whether we intended it or not. 


Once having my children I wanted to create the same warmth, nostalgia and excitement for our own religious and cultural festivals. To wake up on Eid morning and see the joy and happiness on your children’s faces, impressing your guests with a beautiful Eid focal piece. This is the where the idea of the Eid moon tree began!. The idea is not to imitate but to create that atmosphere and togetherness feeling by redefining new traditions for years to come. 


The look of your children's excitement as they adore their decorated and bright Moon tree will mean more than words can express. Create your own everlasting Ramadan and Eid memories with your own Moon Tree, now available in three colours! They come in two sizes, 5ft and 3ft suitable for floor or tabletop setting, perfect for any location in your home.


Last year they were so popular and loved by our customers that they sold out. Sign up now to our newsletter to be informed of pre-order dates, so that you don't miss out on these beauties!


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