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How to throw a Dulhan Shower?

What is a Dulhan Shower and how to throw one?


A Dulhan Shower follows the western custom of a bridal shower. Commonly hosted in Western countries this has now become a trend in the South Asian community too, obviously with a desi twist! 

Traditionally the occasion celebrates the dulhan to be by literally showering her with gifts and praises for her new life ahead. The party is usually hosted by the sisters or bridesmaids of the bride. It is mostly a women's only event as marriage advice is often shared with the dulhan to be. 

Just like any party or hosted event, planning is the key point. Below I have listed a number of things to consider when throwing your BFF's Dulhan Shower. 

  • The Date - Depending on the main day you can plan back a week or two for this. Once the date is selected you will be able to focus on season trends and most importantly venue availability. 

  • The Theme - Since the party is to celebrate the bride take into account her personal touch, what she enjoys, which themes would represent her personality best. Examples of themes; Vintage, Arabian nights, floral gardens, masquerade, Bollywood or Hollywood. 

  • The Guests - this one can be tricky as nobody wants to upset the bride before her actual big day. That said, you must take into account the main events are yet to come. Keep it intimate with only immediate family and closest friends of the bride. 

  • The Venue - Once capacity has been decided you can distinguish whether your event requires a private venue or home thing will suffice!

  • Invitations. - Depending on your scale or preference these days it’s not unusual to receive wedding invitations digitally through WhatsApp. However, if you prefer the traditional way printed invitations can also be a great option. 

  • The Menu - for those 'here for the food', this aspect is a little less important on the Dulhan Shower as most attending will be watching the pre-wedding scales! So keep it light, such as afternoon tea or a buffet of appetisers. 

  • Entertainment - unlike a hen do a Dulhan Shower is more no chipmunks! Instead, you can enjoy the dulhan's choice of party games. Otherwise, the opening of gifts received by the bride can become an entertaining affair within itself. 

  • Favours, no party is complete without something small to commemorate the special occasion. No need to break the bank though, something as small as a friendship bracelet or some yummy Neapolitan chocolates! 

However, you decide to host your party, make it one to remember as these memories are special for the dulhan to be and will set the tone for the rest of her celebrations.

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What is a Dulhan Shower and how to throw one?


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