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Throw The Perfect Dulhan Shower

Throw The Perfect Dulhan Shower
Wedding season is in full swing and you've got a bridal shower to host and you don't know where to begin!!
First things first, get a pen to paper and write yourself a checklist, I love a good check list. 
Whats a bridal shower without the aesthetics? You need to create the perfect back drop for those selfies! Don't pay someone to do it, DIY it! 
You will need;
-A Frame 
-Back drop 
Some of my favourites from our website, Dulhan to be & Team Dulhan balloon sets.
Keep it simple, and pretty! Your food table has to look pretty and the food has to taste good, its what will keep your guests happy! Opt for small, easy to eat foods that make minimal mess. Mini burgers are cute and a huge hit, along with sandwiches or mini pizzas!
Cheese boards are a huge hit, who doesn't love a good cheese board! Pick up a variety of cheese along with some breadsticks, crackers and berries. Lay them across a board, keep in mind the AESTHETICS. Don't forget drinks! Mocktails are quite popular with so many flavours to choose from get creative and mix it up, add mini umbrellas and your good to go. 
Lastly don't forget your desserts, quick and easy to make and everyone loves them! Mini cheese cakes, trifles, custard and cake shots are perfect to feed a large amount of people and keep it minimal and neat. 
bridal shower dessert table
For all your plates, cups, napkins and cutlery check out our rose gold Mubarak range, the party in the box was created with your needs in mind, one box with everything you will need!
Mubarak party cup bridal shower
This is what will make your bridal shower look pretty and bring the whole thing together, start by throwing in some flowers, fake flowers are cheap and easy to buy, they are also re usable so your not wasting any money! The backdrop will need to be plain white /blush (whatever the theme) but you want it to stand out, stay with me here...lights! 
fairy lights bridal shower
Round up Team Dulhan and get there sashes on, our white and pink themed bridal shower sashes will bring an element of desi to your perfect bridal shower!
dulhan to be sash bridal shower
Add some fun with our desi wedding photo props!
bridal shower wedding props fun
After taking photos and greeting the guests and bride, it's time to play some games! Some top bridal shower game ideas;
-Paper Bride:
Guests divide into two teams, each team has a 'bride' model and the rest team has to create a wedding dress using loo roll, whoever has the best dress wins and the bride to be will be the judge!
-Who knows the bride best:
The host makes up a series of questions to ask everyone about the bride to be, whoever answers the most, knows the bride the best!
-Musical bouquet:
Pass the parcel - but with a bouquet! Hit play on the music and pass the bouquet around, when the music stops whoever has the bouquet is eliminated, the last woman standing wins!
-Where were they?
 Hang 4-10 photos of the couple and each guest has to guess where they are in those photos, whoever gets the most answers right, wins!
Once the bridal shower is over don't let your guests leave without a parting gift, a small thank you for coming sealed in one of our Mubarak favour boxes or envelopes!
Lastly don't forget bridal showers are about laying your hair down and having fun with the bride to be and her friends!

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