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Ramadan Drummer

What is a Ramadan Drummer and what does their role entail?


In today’s modern age we rely on our trusty smartphone alarm clocks for waking us up for everything. As we all know waking up for suhoor is not an easy task, to say the least especially when you have kept a 19hrs fast the day before. This is why the Ramadan Drummer exists, although popularised by the Ottoman empire, this cross-cultural tradition is still practised in many countries today. From Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, India and Pakistan this tradition has a common objective. The objective is to encourage Muslims to wake up and eat suhoor to better prepare them for the fast ahead. The Ramadan Drummer is not specific to gender but was traditionally depicted as a Man. The role involved marching through neighbourhoods whilst playing a musical instrument, most commonly a self-made drum, chanting or singing religious poetry to awaken the Muslims and encourage them to keep their fasts. 

Rich colours like red, purple, blue and green with the combination of gold embroidery were often associated with the distinctive clothing of a Ramadan Drummer. These colours would represent the traditional colours of their country or region.

It is often found that a Ramadan Drummer would come from a generation of drummers. Although it may seem fairly easy this job requires skill, as not only would most drummers have the skill of making their drums but also the art of writing and singing poetry. Although this was an unpaid job, drummers would often get rewarded by the neighbours with money or food. This beautiful tradition and role of a Ramadan Drummer are one of many aspects of the blessed month of Ramadan. 

Let's revive this tradition in our own homes and encourage our own little Ramadan Drummers to get involved in the festivities of this month. 

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