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Top 10 Eid Party Games For Kids

Top 10 Eid Party Games For Kids

Finding ways to keep the kids happy during an Eid party may seem tricky, but there are so many ideas you can implement to keep them entertained, many of which are extremely simple.

Here are 10 Eid party games for kids you could try.

For an Eid party game that kids of all ages can join in with, fill up one of our star pinatas with sweets and/or toys and watch the fun begin! Also available in rose gold and silver.
Build a Mosque Game

A great game idea from Islam From The Start is this Build a Mosque party game. Draw a mosque outline on several pieces of card and number each part of the mosque 1-6. Trace over the template and cut out shapes to fit each part. When the kids roll the dice, they place the corresponding piece onto their mosque outline – the first to complete their mosque is the winner.

Eid mosque game
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Chinese Whispers

A classic game that is guaranteed to entertain the kids and provide giggles too when the final version of the message is read out, turning out to be completely different to the original message.
Musical Chairs

Another classic party game that kids love to take part in. Perhaps the adults would enjoy having a game too?
Cookie Decorating

Make a batch of cookies and place them on a table along with a variety of decorations e.g. icing, sprinkles, chocolate buttons. Let the kids decorate their own cookies – they can then take them home with them, if they last that long!

star shaped biscuits
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Scavenger Hunt

If the weather permits, creating a scavenger hunt around your garden would be a really fun idea.

Flying Carpet Game

This idea for an Eid party game comes from Hello Holy Days. Cut a tissue in half and fringe the edges of both pieces to resemble prayer rugs. Use a black marker pen to draw an arch onto each tissue, then separate the ply layers so you’ve got several prayer rugs from the 1 tissue. The game involves trying to keep the tissue prayer rugs in the air without them touching the ground – blow the tissue to get it flying and then try to keep it in the air for as long as you can by tossing it back into the air with your hand whenever it’s close to the ground.

flying carpet game
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Guess How Much Eidi is in the Jar

Fill a mason jar with money and get the kids to guess how much money is in there. The winner can receive a prize and it would be a nice gesture for the money in the jar to then go to a charity of your choice. This is an Eid party game that adults would no doubt enjoy too.

Pass the Parcel

A favourite party game, no matter what the occasion! Plus, it can easily be worked so that all children at your party receive a prize.
Memory Game

Place various items on a tray (you could make them specifically Eid party themed or just random objects), let the children have 10 seconds in which to memorize what objects are there and then get them to write down what they remember seeing.
We hope these 10 Eid party games for kids provide plenty of inspiration for your Eid party. Browse our Eid and Ramadan section for tableware, decorations, greeting cards and more. 


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