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Top Ramadan Decor Tips & Ideas

Ramadan decor ideas

Ramadan is right around the corner and it is time to get ready for this special time of year! We’ve got plenty of inspiration for ways to incorporate the traditions and symbols associated with Ramadan into your home.

Moon and stars

Moon and star are Islamic symbols and classic decor that can be distributed throughout your home in various ways to decorate for Ramadan!

 Ramadan decor moon

We’ve got plenty of moon and star themed Ramadan decorations to mix and match, as well as this gorgeous Geo Moon piece which has become one of our bestsellers and is amazing to elevate your Iftar table! 

Ramadan Calendar

Mosque minimalist ramadan calendar

This one is a kid's hit for sure: this gorgeous wooden Ramadan calendar is the perfect way to get your little ones excited for this blessed month, but also serves as a beautiful home decor.

Use lanterns

Lanterns have long been associated with Ramadan and they’re an incredibly easy way to add decoration to your home, as well as adding a beautiful glow! 


Lantern ramadan decor


Combining various lanterns together in a room can be extremely effective. You could also place lanterns alongside other decorative pieces to create a Ramadan themed corner in a room, or either side of a fireplace. Alternatively to actual lanterns, you can go with these sweet lantern fairy lights!


Ramadan lantern fairy lights 


You could get younger members of the family involved in making their own DIY lanterns to keep them occupied and help them to feel involved in the decorating process.

Display your dates

Celebrate the tradition of eating a date to break the fast by displaying your dates for everyone to see. Filling a large apothecary jar with dates and placing it on the kitchen counter surrounded by fairy lights makes a pretty display.

How about using our Crescent Moon & Star Fairy Lights to complete the look?


crescent moon star fairy lights


Do you have any Ramadan décor tips and ideas? Let us know – we always love to hear from you.

Check out our full collection of Ramadan and Eid Decorations. We’d love to see how you style our decorations in your home – don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram @peacocksupplies

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